10 Years


    Disc 1
    1. Heliopolis (Redwood Mix)
    2. Kincajou
    3. Drippy
    4. Last Train to Lhasa
    5. How Much Reality Can You Take? (Jack Dangers Mix)
    6. I Love Baby Cheesy (Skippy Mix)
    7. Obsidian
    8. Mafich Arabi
    9. Sakarya
    10. Drunk as a Monk
    11. Data Inadequate
    12. Desert Wind
    13. Celestine
Disc 2
1. Shanti (Black Mountain Mix)
2. Sinhala
3. 887 (Structure)
4. Gizeh
5. Touching The Void
6. Amber (Insect Intelligence)

In 1992 Banco de Gaia first appeared on the Beyond Records Ambient Dub compilations, which were the forerunners of later chill-out compilations. 10 Year takes in the decade since then and is a celebration of a decade in musical terms and is also a celebration of the return of the global rights to the entire back catalogue to Banco de Gaia’s own label Disco Gecko Recordings.