My Little Country


  1. My Little Country
  2. My Little Country (Marine Boy Remix)
  3. My Little Country (Rob Bong's Roughs Tower Dub)
  4. My Little Country (Instrumental)

When I was a kid in the 70’s I remember seeing a TV programme about a guy who declared that an old naval platform somewhere off the coast of England was his own country.

Many years later I was asked to contribute to the Outlaw Oceans project and thought this was a perfect subject for a track. As I don’t really do 70’s retro, apart from the odd prog rock cover, I decided to work the 70’s-style narrator’s voice into a retro 90’s sounding track. Sadly the initiative ran into complications and the release was pulled.

As I found it an amusing project to work on, I never gave up on the track, and my friend Simon Power, who was also knocking out dance tracks in the early 90’s as Marine Boy, fancied having a go at a remix and went suitably retro on it. Then, sticking with the 90’s theme, I asked Rog Bong from Children of the Bong, who toured with me a few times in that era, to have a go and he came up with a lovely deep dub of the track.

I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane as much as we have, or at least find the ridiculousness of it all entertaining!