ReWritten Histories Vol.1 1992-1995


  1. Soufie (Ambient Dub Version)
  2. Shanti (Ambient Dub Version)
  3. Desert Wind (The Satsuma Nightmare Remix)
  4. Heliopolis (Liquid Light Mix)
  5. Sunspot (100th Monkey and Mr. Noisy Remix)
  6. Lai Lah (Deeply Sirius Mix)
  7. Amber (Transglobal Underground Remix)
  8. Heliopolis (Redwood Mix)
  9. Desert Wind (Sunset Mix)
  10. Lai Lah (Eat Static Kitchen Sink Remix)
  11. Shanti (Soupdragon Mix)
  12. Heliopolis (Veloce Remix)
  13. Desert Wind (El Ahram Mix)
  14. Qurna (Haj Ali's Birthday Mix)
  15. Gamelah (Dub 1)
  16. Soufie (Hia Remix)
  17. Heliopolis (Eudopolis Dog Mix)
  18. Shanti (Zion Train Remix)
  19. Desert Wind (Ambient Dub Version)
  20. Last Train To Lhasa (Extended Ambient Mix)

A collection of mixes and remixes of early Banco de Gaia tracks.