Rewritten Histories Vol.2 1996-2001


  1. Drippy (Deeply Dipped Remix)
  2. Obsidian (The Slinky Kink Mix)
  3. Kincajou (Here Come the Norse Gods mix)
  4. Drunk as a Monk (Rabbit in the Moon's Brass Monkey Remix)
  5. How Much Reality Can You Take? (Jack Dangers Remix)
  6. I Love Baby Cheesy (Skippy Mix)
  7. Obsidian (FLuke Remix)
  8. Kincajou (Speedy J Remix)
  9. How Much Reality Can You Take? (Half Live, Half Bendy Mix)
  10. I Love Baby Cheesy (Wayward Soul's Electric Cheddar Remix)
  11. Sakarya (Loop Guru's Fairground Strawberry Illumination Remix)
  12. Obsidian (Asian Dub Foundation vs Babu Stormz Remix)
  13. Kincajou (Oliver Lieb Remix)
  14. How Much Reality Can You Take? (Juttla Remix)
  15. Drippy (Carbomb Remix)
  16. I Love Baby Cheesy (Dub Pistols Remix)
  17. Obsidian (The Light vs. PFN Remix)
  18. Kincajou (Small and Cuddly Mix)
  19. Drunk as a Monk (Temple of Sound Remix)
  20. I Love Baby Cheesy (Wayward Soul's Afro-European Remix)
  21. Celestine (Future Loop Foundation Night Time Deluxe Remix)
  22. Kincajou (Wild Monkey Fever Mix)

A collection of mixes and remixes of early Banco de Gaia tracks.