ReWritten Histories Vol.4 2013-2017


  1. The Princess and the Sky Goat (Ornah-Mental-Mix by Dirk Schloemer)
  2. Last Train to Lhasa (2k2 Mix)
  3. Le Foucauld (Dr Cat Remix)
  4. Kuos (dr trippy Remix)
  5. Eagle (Nick Manasseh Dub)
  6. Harvey And the Old Ones (Perpetual Loop's SO Mix)
  7. Last Train to Lhasa (AstroPilot Remix)
  8. Warp and Weft (Continuum Remix)
  9. Le Foucauld (Ephemeral Mists Remix)
  10. China (Andrew Heath Remix)
  11. Heliopolis (Silinder Remix)
  12. 91 (Mr.C Remix)
  13. Kuos (Bluetech Remix)
  14. 91 (Bennun and Healey Dub Remix)
  15. Last Train To Lhasa (Silinder Remix)
  16. 887 (Sonasha's Wrath of the Space Potato Remix)
  17. The Princes and the Sky Goat (Andrew Heath Remix)
  18. White Paint (alucidnation's Dream Remix)
  19. Warp and Weft (dr trippy Remix)

A collection of mixes and remixes of Banco de Gaia tracks.