Great to see so many of you at Glastonbury Festival the other weekend and the Haunted Bar in Leamington last Friday. It’s always nice to put a face to a name, especially in such friendly surroundings.

July 7th saw the official release of ‘Big Men Cry – 20th Anniversary Edition’, meaning that it is now available from Amazon and the rest, as well as directly from me via the Banco store or Bandcamp.

In last month’s email I mentioned that I had always felt this record never got the love that it deserved, which prompted a number of positive emails from quite a few of you, and I thank you for those. At the time, the release of ‘Big Men Cry’ never felt right, so it’s heartening to know it managed to touch so many of you despite everything.

July 7th also saw a brand new release on my Disco Gecko label by Andrew Heath, this time in collaboration with ‘the godfather of Ambient’ Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Christopher Chaplin. ‘Triptych in Blue’ is a recording of a concert these three gentlemen performed in The Brunel Goods Shed in Stroud last year, and is ambient music of the highest order: constantly changing and shifting, it presents the listener with three musicians in perfect balance with each other. The release is available direct from us via Bandcamp and the rest via

I’ve got a handful of live solo shows at festivals coming up, and will be announcing some other activities soon.


Upcoming solo live shows
21/07 Summer Never Ends Festival
23/07 Waha Festival
05/08 Kukemuru Festival
19/08 Sunrise Celebration
25/08 Trunchonbury Festival