As some of you have guessed (or discovered from my PR man’s Twitter feed), I have compiled a 20th Anniversary Edition of ‘Big Men Cry’ for release this July.

In many ways ‘Big Men’ was my difficult second album. Obviously it wasn’t, really, as ‘Last Train to Lhasa’ was the 2nd album (or 5th depending on how you want to look at it) but it came after the phenomenal success of ‘Lhasa’ and a lot was riding on it. The label had high hopes that I would churn out ‘Next Train to Lhasa’ but I didn’t really feel like doing that, so just did what I had always done, and made the music that I wanted to make. Sadly this didn’t go down too well with them, and to add to that, unbeknownst to me they were in the process of going bankrupt.

As a result, ‘Big Men’s release wasn’t that well handled or that well received and I’ve always felt that of all my albums it never got the love that it deserved

Hopefully the limited edition (1,500 only) 20th Anniversary double disc Edition will address that. I’ve gone through the archives and dug out some excellent unreleased versions and remixes, and combined these with fresh remixes by myself, my old mucker Andy Guthrie (under his 100th Monkey guise) and legendary noise merchant Digidub. To end the second disc in style, I’ve included a recording of ‘Celestine’ by the Banco band, live at The Bruton Dub Club.

The album isn’t due to come out officially until July 7th but you can pre-order it now direct from me via the Banco website. As with the previous reissues, I am happy to sign or dedicate pre-orders – if you want this, add a note with your order.

To celebrate the release I’m playing at the Haunted Bar in Leamington Spa on Friday July 7th, with dr trippy also playing live, and 100th Monkey DJing. There have been some new festival shows confirmed, with the full list below.

If you’re going to Glastonbury Festival this year I have an extra little treat for you. I’ll be DJing in the backstage bar of the Theatre and Circus Field (which is run by Children’s World charity to raise funds, so a great place to spend your beer money). The set will be at midnight on Sunday night so should be a good end of festi party in a very pleasant environment. It’s usually just for the performers and crew to unwind but I have managed to get some wristbands to give to you lot. I’m playing at Toad Hall in the Green Futures Field on Saturday at 11pm so if you want a wristband or two, please come and find me before or after my Saturday night set.


Upcoming solo live shows
24/06 Glastonbury Festival (Live, Toad Hall)
25/06 Glastonbury Festival (DJ Set, Theatre and Circus Field)
07/07 Haunted Bar, Leamington Spa
21/07 Summer Never Ends Festival
23/07 Waha Festival
05/08 Kukemuru Festival
19/08 Sunrise Celebration
25/08 Trunchonbury Festival