Today sees the release of a new track from me, “Floatless“, which I started writing before the current crisis had really taken off here in the UK. It was inspired by personal events last year, but in many ways it could equally well reflect what we are currently going through.

“Sometimes we are caught on tides we cannot resist.
We ride the currents, letting go of expectation.
In the end we emerge somewhere new.”

You can download or stream “Floatless” from my Bandcamp page or from Spotify and others via

To celebrate the release, I’m playing an ambient AV livestream at 4pm (UK) this Saturday 20th as part of The Little Chill festival. Find out more from their website.

Thanks to all of you who have pre-ordered the 20th Anniversary Edition of “Igizeh” already. For those who haven’t, and who would like their copy signed, please order via my website or from Bandcamp before June 26th to allow time for them to be delivered (postal services are understandably a bit wonky at the mo).

On a completely different note, a longtime Banco fan and fellow Somerset resident, Paul, has seen his business providing wine to music festivals completely upturned by the current crisis. In order to clear stock, he’s offering cases at lower prices from his website and has offered to make a contribution to a musicians’ charity of my choosing from any sales that come from Banco fans.

Stay safe