It was great to see some of you at last weekend’s launch parties for “In the Blink of an Eye”. It was good fun being back where it all began in Leamington Spa and then up at The Trades Club again, especially as for both shows I was playing alongside my old partner in crime Andy Guthrie (AKA 100th Monkey) and the irrepressible dr trippy.
“In the Blink of an Eye” finally came out last Friday (8th June), and is now available on CD from the Disco Gecko website, as a download from Bandcamp or to stream from all the usual suspects, who I’ve linked to at
To mark 20 years of the label I decided to do something a bit more interesting than just a ‘best of’ compilation. As there are now nine artists releasing music on the label, I decided to ask them to each remix each other. The pairings were picked randomly but the results are anything but. With tracks covering the full range of what we have to offer, this compilation showcases the talents of writers, producers and performers of the highest quality. Every track is a unique journey into the minds and personalities of two different artists, often working in very different styles, and the results are definitely more than a sum of the parts.
I hijacked my recent radio show for Glastonbury FM and used it to showcase all the tracks on the collection. You can listen to the show any time you like on Mixcloud and, should you wish to hear tracks from previous shows in full without me talking, I’ve started adding them to a playlist on Spotify.
Gigwise, I’m playing as Banco de Gaia at Extreme Chill Festival, in Reykjavík, on the weekend starting Friday 7th September. I then have three solo ambient gigs as Toby Marks coming up too: I’m playing with White Noise (David Vorhaus), Andrew Heath and Joseph Hyde at The Silk Mill as part of Frome Festival on Sunday 8th July; at the previously mentioned Extreme Chill Festival, in Reykjavík, on the weekend of Friday 7th September; and in London with Andrew Heath and visual artist Patrick Dunn on Friday 21st September at The Old Church in Stoke Newington. Ticket links for all these shows are at the bottom of the email.
Finally, to keep up to date with what’s going on with me and Disco Gecko, please follow my Spotify playlist.


Ticket links
9/7 The Silk Mill, Frome –
7-9/9 Extreme Chill Festival, Reykjavik –
21/9 The Old Church, London –