2020, I think we would all agree, has been an unexpected year. Whatever plans many of us had have been altered by circumstances beyond our individual control. Personally, I’ve been getting some practice for this for a couple of years, as a series of personal and family crises have taken charge of my life. Covid is the latest redirection of whatever it was I thought I was going to be doing.

I had intended to release a new Banco album this November and so had booked some live shows to coincide with it. Sadly, most of the shows had to be cancelled, and then the album was sidelined as I dealt with other issues. Work on music has been only a few hours or days grabbed here and there, but not the focussed period of creativity I would have liked.

Having said all that, I have some good release news to share: rather than wait to release an album, I have decided to release what I have recorded so far. The way things are these days, I think it’s better to do something while you can, rather than plan for something bigger in a future that may never come. So, I am very happy to announce the release of a 5-track EP: ‘Kintsugi’.

It’s a contemplative affair, full of contrasts of light and shade reflecting the turmoil in which it has been made. Largely beat-free, I hope it will bring a little light and peace to you in these troubled times.

The EP comes out today and is available direct from my Bandcamp or from all major download or streaming sites via https://smarturl.it/kintsugi_ep

In further good news, one of the release shows wasn’t totally cancelled and has now been adapted to the new environment, so I’m pleased to announce that I’ll hopefully be playing a downtempo show at Frome’s 23 Bath Street on December 18th. The gig is limited to 50 tickets only and will be all seated and compliant with local restrictions.

FYI, there are still copies of the 20th Anniversary Edition of “Igizeh” available from my website or from Bandcamp as well as Amazon. If you’re in North America, you can also order direct from my distributors there, MVD.

Finally, I’ve mirrored my Spotify playlist on Deezer as well, so follow either to keep up to date with what I’m releasing on my Disco Gecko label.

Stay safe