I hope this finds you well and having had a good summer. Mine’s been great – a happy mixture of studio time, camping trips with friends and a bevvy of festivals. The highlight of the latter was playing two proper ambient sets, the first at Waha in Romania, the second at Kukemeru in Estonia. Normally ambient sets aren’t much fun at festivals due to sound from other stages bleeding through or the equipment being substandard, but both these festivals got it totally right, and it was a delight to play tracks that don’t normally get an airing.

Thankfully I’ve been booked to play another ambient set later this month at The Seventh Wave Festival of Electronic Music in Birmingham. I’m playing on the opening night, Friday September 29th, at The Blue Orange Theatre, with support from Andrew Heath, and we’ll be doing a Q&A after the gig. I’m also playing in Totnes at Unit 23 on Friday December 15th with Patrick Dunn VJ’ing.

There’s no other Banco news to share with you right now, but tunes are most definitely afoot

A lot has been happening elsewhere with my Disco Gecko label, and to help you all keep up to date, I’ve created a Spotify playlist featuring one track from each release so far. I’ll be adding tracks as and when things go out, so if you want to keep in touch, please subscribe to the playlist.

I’ve just released the dub infused debut album by the Dragonfly Trio, and then have albums by Radium88 and Andrew Heath coming out on CD, both of which can be pre-ordered from the Disco Gecko store. On top of that, Animat are currently remixing tracks from their ‘How to be a Shadow’ album, Sophie Barker has been collecting remixes of cuts from her ‘Break the Habit’ album and then I’ve ‘found’ an amazing ambient artist from Finland called LO18, whose debut EP will be dropping on November 3rd.

As mentioned, Andrew Heath is playing with me in Birmingham at the end of this month, and of the other Disco Gecko artists, Sophie Barker is playing at Bush Hall in London on Wednesday October 11th, Animat and Radium88 are playing at Regather in Sheffield on Friday November 3rd, the Fortune of War in Brighton on Saturday November 25th and Archspace in London on Sunday November 26th.

That’s all for now so I think I’d better get back to the studio …………..