Nearly 25 years ago I was approached to create a remix for Nigel Mazlyn Jones, an artist I’d first come across in the early 80’s. He had written a track about the ongoing environmental and political crises of the time and wanted to get its message out to a wider audience than his usual acoustic/folk followers. System 7, Guy Evans (Van der Graaf Generator) and others also became involved in the ‘Planet for $ale’ project, with the album released in 2007.

Now, nearly 15 years later, the message of Nigel’s song is sadly as relevant as ever, and even more urgent. As world leaders gather in Glasgow for the COP26 climate summit, will they finally take the action needed to mitigate the future effects of climate change or will it just be more ‘blah, blah, blah’?

My Disco Gecko label is choosing this moment to re-release this project to add our voices to the call for governments to act, and to act now, not just keep discussing possible timelines for future action while the world continues to go to hell. As Nigel puts it “We’re only the caretakers, and we’re only passing through.”

The “Planet for $ale” EP is out now on Bandcamp only – find it at

You can also view the video by Patrick Dunn on YouTube at

Still on Disco Gecko news, next week we’re releasing a brand new album by old friends from my Leamington Spa days, ManMadeMan. “Emotional Software” will be available on November 5th from Bandcamp and the mainstream platforms via Keep up to date with these and other label releases by following my Disco Geckoes Spotify playlist.

Finally, I have two more gigs coming up this year:

November 13th Fiddlers, Bristol w/ Eat Static & Transglobal Underground Soundsystem – TICKETS
December 18th Temperance, Leamington Spa w/ dr trippy – TICKETS


I look forward to seeing some of you on the dancefloor then