In 1992, I saw my first tracks released on CD as part of the ‘Ambient Dub’ compilation series on Beyond Records. Six years later, when I set up my own label, Disco Gecko Recordings, one of my aims was to start a similar series of down-tempo, left-of-centre compilation albums, featuring more or less anything that I found beautiful and uplifting, irrespective of genre (although leaning heavily towards the electronic).

Finally, 17 years later, I have found the time to make it a reality and so proudly present the first collection to you now.

With its title inspired by a Thomas Hardy poem ‘Strange-Eyed Constellations’ features thirteen recordings by ambient and downtempo sound-smiths drawn from across Europe. The compilation weaves a merry path from AstroPilot’s soothing opener, via 100th Monkey’s epic choral piece and Oombata Key’s glittering contribution, to Andrew Heath’s majestically contemplative finale.

These thirteen gentle lullabies for hearts and souls are complemented by Zoe Heath’s painting and, on the CD, by Andrew Heath’s photographs.

The album is available from all good record stores and download sites, but the easiest way to buy the CD is direct from the Disco Gecko website or for downloads from our Bandcamp store.

Plus, if you’re a fan of Andrew Heath, I’ve put his new album, ‘Flux’, on sale early (it’s not supposed to be out til October) as amazingly enough I can post it, and the compilation, for the same stamp price. I know that may not be a big deal for those of you in England, but for fans elsewhere in the globe, it can be quite a saving.

I hope you enjoy the compilation as much as I did curating it. Hopefully the next one won’t take 17 years to put together!