Today sees the release of the 20th Anniversary Edition of “The Magical Sounds of Banco de Gaia”.

Two years in the making, the original album travels freely between genres and continents, from the European violins of “Glove Puppet” to the Kenyan chant that forms the basis of the next piece, “No Rain.” So maybe it’s world music? or global trance? but it’s not intentional, promise. I used global samples without worrying too much about where they were from, being interested in atmospheres and evocative textures.

For the bonus disc, I went deep into my archives and dug out an unreleased remix from the time and a stunning live medley from a gig in Oxford. Best of all, though, I found a live recording of a show I did at WOMAD. The festival was in Reading back in 1999 and I played in a sports centre which was basically a big concrete box. In the middle of very hot summer. I went on only wearing shorts and was soaked in sweat before the drums even came in. Great times.

If you haven’t already, you can order the album direct from me via the Banco website or my Bandcamp page

In other news, over a third of the tickets to my London show at The Sebright Arms on Saturday November 23rd have been sold already, which is very nice of you. I’m looking forward to my upcoming festival shows, and my first ever (!) gig in Liverpool before then, plus, as mentioned, will then be coming to Prague the weekend after London (see below for ticket links). There are definitely going to be more shows this autumn, so please follow me on Facebook or Songkick to keep up to date.


Solo Shows
July 27: Farmfest, UK (DJ set)
August 7: Samsara Festival, Hungary
August 18: Beautiful Days, UK
August 18: Whirl-y-Fayre, UK
September 28: Liverpool, UK
October 19: Musicport, UK
November 23: London, UK
November 29: Prague, CZ

Toby Marks and Andrew Heath present Motion:
July 27: Little Chill Festival, UK
August 8: Samsara Festival, HU
October 20: Musicport, UK