For the fourth and final (honestly!) single from the ‘Nine Hearts’ album, I’ve chosen a track that exemplifies what some would describe as the archetypal Banco sound: ‘The Princess and the Sky Goat’ is proper ambient dub, featuring a rolling bassline courtesy of James Eller (The The) and lush saxophone from Dick Parry (Pink Floyd). I’ve been very lucky with the remixes, as Ornah-Mental from Germany have provided a dubby worldbeat rerub and Andrew Heath a spacious ambient overhaul.

The single came out yesterday via Bandcamp and the rest, with containing links to most major sites.

There is not a huge amount of other Banco news to report this month. I’ve some upcoming shows (see the bottom), have a few remixes to complete and then am considering what to do next musically.

What has been keeping me very busy is my label. I hope you aren’t too bored of me going on about Disco Gecko, because I’m really enjoying the creative part of running a label – listening to new music, liasing with other musicians and often mastering their tracks for them.

Fresh out on Disco Gecko yesterday is a new album by Sheffield based act Animat: ‘How to be a Shadow’ features studio recordings and remixes of the tracks written for the duo’s live soundtrack to Jean Vigo’s prizewinning film “Un Homme Qui Dort”, which they premiered at last year’s Scalarama festival. The video for the lead single is up on the Disco Gecko YouTube channel and the album itself is available on CD from the Disco Gecko store, Bandcamp and the rest via

Andrew Heath has two releases in the pipeline, including a sublime recording of him, Christopher Chaplin and Hans-Joachim Roedelius live in concert, but in the meantime he’s put up a trio of tracks on Bandcamp for free download.

I’ll be in touch next month with news of the latest in the 20th Anniversary series.

Until then,

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