Maya – 20th Anniversary Edition


Disc One:
  1. Heliopolis
  2. Mafich Arabi
  3. Sunspot
  4. Garnelah (Dub)
  5. Qurna (Mister Christian on the Decks)
  6. Sheesha
  7. Lai Lah (V1.infinity)
  8. Shanti (Red with White Spots Edit)
  9. Maya

Disc Two:
  1. Heliopolis (Aethereal Mix)
  2. Mafich Arabi (Original Demo)
  3. Sunspot (Unpeeled Mix)
  4. Gamelah (Live at Oxcillate 1994)
  5. Qurna (Livemix #2-4 Edit)
  6. Sheesha (Green Tractor Mix)
  7. Lai Lah (Marine Mix)
  8. Shanti (Red With White Spots Original Master)

Disc Three:
  1. Heliopolis (Veloce Remix)
  2. Mafich Arabi (Templehedz Remix)
  3. Sunspot (100th Monkey & Mr Noisy Return to Qurna Remix)
  4. Gamelah (Dub 1)
  5. Qurna (Haj Ali’s Birthday Mix)
  6. Data Inadequate (Live at Megadog 1993)
  7. Lai Lah (Eat Static Kitchen Sink Remix)
  8. Shanti (Live in a Field in Oxford 1993)
  9. Soufie (Blue Mix Original)

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the release of an album which is considered by many to be one of the pioneering classics of global electronica, Banco De Gaia is happy to announce this triple disc version of Maya, limited to 1,500 copies and not available as a download or stream.

Originally released in February 1994 on the Planet Dog label, Maya reached No1 in the independent charts in the UK and was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize.